About Poinsettias

 This is that time of year: the season to decorate the house for the holiday. The season when the stores are full of all those pulchritudinous poinsettias……

 So, did you know —- ?


  • Its scientific name, Euphorbia pulcherrima means “very beautiful euphorbia”!
  • It is named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. ( United States in 1825.)
  • The “petals” are actually bracts – specially adapted colored leaves that help attract pollinators in its native Mexico/Central America (where it is commonly found as a shrub – it has been bred into its more compact form over the years.)
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Late Fall is Time for Seed Saving!



You can preserve specific varieties of garden plants…..

that you enjoy …. that do well for you…. that are becoming rare.

You can easily pass these varieties along to friends.

And – you can save money: you won’t need to buy as many seeds next spring!



Many garden flowers and vegetables have seeds that are very easy to save,

Some of the easiest flowers include….

    Cleome (spider plant)                     marigolds                    hollyhocks                   poppies

    morning glories                               Cosmos                       Zinnia              Nasturtium

….and anything that has a nice dry seed head or pod, such as Lunaria (money plant/silver dollar/honesty)


You can also save the seeds of a variety of herbs and vegetables (note: these must be ripe or the seeds will be immature and will not germinate), such as…..…

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Time to Force Bulbs

Wouldn’t you love to have gorgeous flowers blooming inside your home when it’s snowing outside? It’s easy!
Forcing spring bulbs is a terrific way to accomplish this – and now is the time to get started on this horticultural project.
Buy some bulbs at your local garden center – daffodils and grape hyacinths are particularly simple to force, though tulips, hyacinths, and many other “minor bulbs” also work well. Plant them
(densely, for best show) in a pot: use a fairly light soil and provide good drainage (pottery shards are good.) Water the pots very well, and place in a cool dark place (like a bulkhead or unheated garage.)…

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